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What We Do

The Coach Zone works with coaches who are at any stage of their coaching journey. We provide a safe and confidential space for individual and team growth.


Our Approach

Our offering and approach is driven by the need of our industry to promote great coaching through expression, practice and reflection. It could be that you join a regular co-coaching group, or enter into one of our supervision programmes. Whichever, you are assured of great outcomes and great challenge.


Our Mission

Our coaching clients put us in a privileged position. They invite us into their complex world, sometimes with joy, and sometimes with tears. We believe that we can work toward mastery, but will be eternal learners. We desire to hold this space for our learners as we transition through challenges with them and enhance our coaching clients lives.


Promoting Great Coaching

Spun out of Wheresmylunch as a separate market offering, The Coach Zone do one thing – we promote great coaching.

Our Writing

Webinar : The Use of Metaphor in Coaching

So what is a metaphor? A metaphor is a figure of speech that describes an object, idea, or situation by comparing it to something else with which it shares common characteristics, often to clarify a concept or make a point more vivid and memorable. In essence, a...

Active Listening

Active listening is a communication skill that involves fully focusing on, understanding, and responding to a speaker in a way that demonstrates genuine interest, empathy, and comprehension. By practicing active listening, you can build stronger relationships, enhance...

5 Different Types of Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their own accomplishments and has a persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud. People with imposter syndrome often feel like they don't deserve their success and that they are just "faking...

An informal view to confidentiality when hiring a coach

Hey there! Are you thinking about hiring a coach to help you achieve your goals or overcome personal challenges? One important aspect to consider when working with a coach is confidentiality. Confidentiality in coaching is essential to establish trust and build a safe...

9 Meaningful Words – A Journaling Tool

The Artists Way invites us to write without thinking about the words that we are writing - to simply flow. It is suggested that in this simplest form of journaling, we just allow our thoughts to flow and our writing hand to glide seamlessly over the page as we...

The Power of Metaphor and How to Use Them in Coaching.

I use metaphors a lot when I am working with my clients. What is a metaphor? A metaphor is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable. Marriam Webster Dictionary Metaphors are powerful tools...

Pavlovs’ Experiment and Conditioning.

Pavlov's experiment has been used as an example of classical conditioning for many years. It was first published in 1914 and it was based on the idea that a conditioned stimulus can evoke a conditioned response. In his experiment, Pavlov noticed that dogs began to...

Values and Goals – What are the Real Differences?

Over the past month, we have been witnessing the Football World Cup. If you are not a football fan then please bear with me. The Winner, Argentina, won an incredibly tightly fought contest in a penalty shoot out, having had 30 minutes of extra time, and 90 minutes of...

6 Top Tips to make effective use of your Virtual Assistants’ time (by a VA!)

Having a Virtual Assistant is a great way of getting those admin tasks completed that get in the way of you doing what you do best; but how do you make the most effective use of their time? I have been a virtual assistant or VA for over 5 years now and here are my top...

The 5% coaching model – achieve the impossible

We all have stuff that appears impossible - right? Stuff which is just that bit too far to achieve, or a bit too ambitious that we can't possibly achieve it. In corporate, we had this saying that this was a stretch goal. In reality, stretch goals were not really the...

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Coaching Supervision

Coaching Supervision is a must-have for the professional coach of today. Coaching supervision allows time for a coach to explore their own coaching perspectives. We offer not coaching supervision as a 1 to 1 offering on Zoom

Coaching Development

It is tricky in today’s workplace to maintain a level where we can develop and grow. When we are holding this space for our clients, this can be even more tricky. Imagine then, if you had the opportunity to regularly meetup in a facilitated and supervisory environment with a stable cohort of other coaches. Imagine the conversations, the explorations and the development that you could achieve.

Success Stories

What I have taken from the group is the real power of the collective. Simon provides a perfect environment for this and is extremely generous in what he shares. In role modelling generosity he has led the group in ‘its’ generosity. We are able to challenge and support to grow as individuals and as a group

Executive Coach

As an experienced Exec Coach, I was keen to refresh my skills in terms of techniques. I was also seeking the opportunity to be involved in collaborative supervision.

I am achieving so much more. We have quickly developed a fabulous support network where we gladly share and learn from each other. Spending quality time with people who share the same belief and passion for coaching and its benefits has been food for my soul. I am also learning great techniques for group coaching thanks to Simon’s magnificent skills.

Executive Coach

“I have known Simon for well over 10 years now and throughout that time I’ve benefited a huge amount from his tremendous knowledge and experience in the coaching space. I admire his passion as a coach and his generosity to share and engage other coaches in their growth and development. Most recently I’ve invested in Simon’s supervision group and enjoyed great value from each meeting. Some of the skills I respect the most in Simon’s supervision, are his ability to empathise and encourage, be silent and allow each person space, yet challenge and enable deep insight and learning. I would highly recommend anybody to work with Simon either as a coach or supervisor.

Executive Coach

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