An open letter from Simon

The plan for your coaching growth in 2023

As we approach the final wind down of 2022 – I want to take time to acknowledge your support both through subscribing to COACHd as well as your commitment to you ongoing professional development.

I have been thinking about how I can best support you in 2023 and help you to develop not just your coaching skills but also your business outcomes.

I’m therefore delighted that I’ll be hosting a series of activities aimed just at that.

There will be webinars on personal development, as well as co-coaching activities, as well as enhancements to the coaching development and supervision provision that so many of you enjoy.

Please do check the published dates for the sessions – as on the odd month, they may be run on different dates.#


When : last Friday in the month at 13:00.

The next webinar, on 27th January, will explore how much we should charge our clients for our services. More information and signing up here.

Subsequent months will include

  • 24th February 2023 : Improving performance 
  • 31st March 2023 : The use of metaphor in coaching

✅ These sessions will be free. 

However, please only sign up, if you absolutely can attend. 

⚡ Bookings are via Eventbrite and details will also be notified via the weekly COACHd email.

Co Coaching

When : third Monday of the month in the afternoon from 14:00 to 17:00 

Co Coaching will start again in January.

Initially, these will run online, and will be a blended mix of learning and practice split into bite sized sessions. As the community grows – we will transition some to face to face.

The challenge has been that coming out of COVID, the numbers committing to co-coaching have been low and booking (and paying for) a face to face venue has not been viable.

However, the first session in January will be a face to face in the centre of Birmingham where we will do walking coaching.

✅ The co-coaching is a paid event. The charge for 2023 this is £24 for the 3 hour session which includes VAT (so recoverable for those VAT registered)

⚡ Bookings are to be made via The Coach Zone Website.

Coaching Supervision

Your development as a coach is critical, as is the support and challenge that you receive. Coaching Supervision provides this and promotes a significant level of internal reflection and personal improvement opportunity.

🎯 Continuing from the highly successful coaching development and supervision cohort approach – I will be running a new group in early 2023.

Having run the cohort approach over the past 3 years, I have learnt about how people work and support together. 

⚡ In the first instance, a confidential one-to-one conversation with myself would be a good starting point.

🎯 I do have a limited availability of coaching supervision on a one to one basis. This approach offers greater discussion in more sensitive or confidential areas, as well as a slightly enhanced level of challenge and support.  ⚡ For more details on this, please visit the Coach Zone website for more information

Finally, thank you for what you have done in 2022. 

I am sure that 2023 will have its challenges, and with a positive approach we will succeed in our journeys.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

All my best