Book Launch – Empowerment in Health & Wellness

Empowerment in Health & Wellness

Launch date is 4th February 2021 – World Cancer Day and Time to Talk Day

Edited by Andrew A Parsons Sue Jackson & Jackie Arnold – Panoma Press 2021

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‘Empowerment in Health and Wellness’ brings approaches on the mind-body connection with relation to stress and anxiety reduction, building motivation and personal leadership and enabling people to respond to the needs of their current reality.

The key message is that empowerment enables people to navigate uncertainly and coaching supports them to participate fully in their lives with resilience, competence and self-compassion.

In the book, you will be introduced to a Framework of Empowerment with its three pillars of- Awareness, Information and Learning to deepen your professional knowledge, skills and confidence to support others in times of uncertainty and crisis.

The book is also relevant for individuals who want to make a difference in their personal lives.

The methods and content outline the experiences that come continually from supporting cancer patients, carers and their families at the Fountain Centre, a UK charity working with the National Health Service ( and with individuals navigating loss, change and uncertainty in work.

Other health and wellness professionals working with individuals to improve their capacity to enhance personal health and wellness have contributed which enhances the scope and impact of the book.


Gavin Andrews, Jackie Arnold, Victoria Hamilton, Enrico Illuminati, Sue Jackson, Aga Kehinde,

Ann Lewis, Silvia Mirandola, Andrew A Parsons, Fiona Stimson, Chris Ullman and Amanda White.

“We live in very uncertain and complex times which generate fear and anxiety” explained the Editors “and if you’re also suffering from an illness, these feelings are compounded. However, developing a sense of empowerment enables us to find our sense of meaning, live more mindfully and with self-determination; it makes life more manageable.


The Editors are all Accredited Executive Coaches working with a variety of organisational clients providing coaching, training and supervision services and with individuals at the Fountain Centre and beyond.

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