Co-Coaching – Some ‘wow’ feedback!

In September 2021 – co-coaching met indoors for the first time in a very long time.

Using materials around us to coach

Using materials around us to coach

This was a big step but something that reminds me why we do this. I was reminded that sometimes, we need to be brave – sometimes we need to step away from simply switching on a computer and we need to get out and do stuff face to face.

The co-coaching that I have been running is now clicking into its 9th year. The main reason is that I want to create a community of lovely coaches who want to work together and help each other in their growth.

On getting home, I received this lovely email from one of the attendees – this is reproduced with permission.

Today I attended Co-Coaching face to face. It was so good to see other coaches and to practice co-coaching in person.


We were able to try out some practical activities including physical metaphors and Story Cubes. These would have been tricky to do online and brought some real insights during the session.

Some of my coaching clients are returning to face to face sessions, so this opportunity to practice in person has been invaluable, especially given the relationship dynamics are quite different.

I was impressed in the way that Simon managed the venue and the room from a Covid perspective including plenty of social distancing and ventilation. I’ll definitely be back next time!

Using Storycubes to coach

Using Storycubes to coach

From my perspective, both as the organiser and as a coach, I hold this space for people to practice their coaching. I hold this space as a safe space for observation, reflection, and the occasional breakthrough.

So – if you are interested in your growth and your coaching development, do come along at our next co-coaching session.