COACHd – 06 November 2020 – The wellbeing edition

Last night I took a walk with my wife and son.

It was just after 9 pm. A smoggy mist interspersed with the occasional firework added to the eariness of a still and cold Thursday evening. Our walk took us through suburbia and then to Solihull town centre. A centre that is normally bustling with activity from evening diners, to youths pouring out of the fast-food places. But last night, it was quiet. Nothing was happening.

This change was dramatic, for not just 24 hours ago, the pubs, restaurants and shops were open – selling their wares. This dramatic and forced change impacts us all.

We are at risk of not only this virus but also from ourselves. Whether we allow ourselves to doomread the news, hibernate into our homes, or fulfil our life is our personal choice.

I thought to share a few chosen reads on wellbeing for you this week on this subject.

A new coaching development and supervision cohort will also start-up in December. This particular cohort will be working with the more experienced coach and provide a space for personal development, group supervision and growth through regular meetings with the same people. Another cohort will launch in Q1 next year too. If you are interested in joining, then check out more information here and book up for a chat. In this chat, we will explore your motivations to join a group to ensure alignment with others.

Poppy AppealOn November 27th, we will meet up again for co-coaching virtually. This time, it will be a bring and share session. Perhaps using a tool such as mural to collate ideas and thoughts – and then discuss and practice more during the session. As usual please click here to book on. All surplus from this event will go to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

Coaching CentralIn the evening of Thursday, November 19, I will be cohosting Coaching Central with Rachael McNidder. This session promises to be quite fun as we explore some of the provocative subjects in coaching such as directive / non-directive coaching, is accreditation really worthwhile, and other topics that you may decide to bring along. Check out here for more detail and to get booked in. All surplus from this event will go to The Sparkhill Foodbank.

Also, some latest thinking on

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Until then, stay safe – and remember hands, face, space. For those of you not well at the moment, I wish you a speedy recovery.

Have a fantastic weekend.