COACHd – 1 May 2020

Do you crave for a bit more stability at the moment … but can’t seem to find it?

I have been there and am now fighting my way through a certain place that is a defining period in all our lives.

Our businesses will change as we embrace virtual more – but I get Zoom weary and it really does not replace the face to face contact that our brains need to function. In an ICF webinar on Wednesday night, it was suggested that many of us are running on adrenalin, and this cannot be good for the long term. The behaviour of our customers is changing as they move from a thrive to survive mode. However, take solace that there has never been a better time to coach as people experience struggle to understand their major life changes which will impact the way they are.

Next week is International Coaching Week so perhaps reach out to someone that you really want to coach. #timetobebrave 🙂

One new learning for me this week has been to revisit my figures. Have a look at the quick reminder of the figures that we should know and also a quick and ready calculator that can help you work out an hourly rate for your coaching. Enjoy these – it is amazing how pivotal some assumptions are that we take.

Have a fun week.

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