COACHd – 10 July 2020 – #9

As I woke this morning, the dawn chorus was in full flow. The beautiful sound of the birds warbling was beautiful to listen to. As the sun rays started to penetrate the cool air, I was thinking about gratitude. The last few days have been particularly challenging, I have not been able to settle, and that word productive had dropped out of my vocabulary. I have come across a post by a fellow coach, Heather Moulder, that powerfully talks about life not being the same after a major illness. I share this, as, in these times of great change, this has resonated with me. I have not met Heather, and I have not had a serious illness, but this really resonated. She talked about “It’s human to want things to return to normal.” and that

“Don’t waste your time looking back on what you’ve lost. Move on, for life is not meant to be travelled backwards.”



On 23rd July, a small group of disruptors are organising a morning provocation inviting us to think and engage differently with our future.

If this is of interest, we are taking bookings now with all proceeds being given to a small charity, Circles Network. They build inclusive communities on the foundations of justice, advocacy, empowerment and friendships. So something that really resonates.

I have also come across a new coaching model built on the Mnemonic SUCCESS. I particularly like this as it can be applied with our clients, and also as a personal introspection tool. SUCCESS stands for


Unbounded Self-Love/Care

Client Can Be

Energy Focus


Spirit Acknowledgement

I have not used this in a coaching situation yet, but this resonates with perhaps how many of our clients feel at the moment, One question from Energy Focus particularly jumped out to me – What fuels your passions?

Have a great weekend.


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