COACHd – 11 December 2021

Christmas COACHd

I do not like wishing away time, but I shall be glad to get to 2021. Not just because it will see the end of the strangest and most challenging year I have experienced since I was born, but because it gives us an opportunity to celebrate.

2020 has been an ‘annus horribilis’. A year that has seen many friends suffer at the hands of the pandemic at a social, emotional, and financial level. But with this pain, I am hoping that we can also celebrate the small wins. As societies we appear to have come together more and groups (such as chatting coaches) have drawn communities of practice together. It is likely we have revisited our business, formed new business ventures, enjoying new friendships and got used to video conferencing. What have you managed to achieve this year? What can you learn from the hard times that 2020 has taken us through?

I will be closing down 2020 with a recognition COACHd next week so please do share your stories of gratitude here – just so that I can share the recognition for you.

I have also been busy writing. Check out some of my latest thoughts below. Let me know about any subjects that you might find of interest.

Co-Coaching Drinks in December

The next Co-Coaching is on 18th December at 09:30 – so just bring a mince pie and say hi. The focus will be on 2021 and setting goals. We will coach each other on this so also bring your ideas.

On January 5th at 09:30 – we will start 2021 off with a bang and opportunity to coach others on the subject of objectives.

As usual – all details here.

Your Development

Hot on the heels of the experienced coach cohort that is starting in Feb ’21, an early-stage coaching development and supervision cohort will start soon. This is aimed at an early-stage coach (think 0-150 hours), perhaps wrestling with coaching hours, setting up a business, accreditation questions as well as having strong supervision need to ensure good coaching practice. You will work with a small group of other friendly coaches over a 12 month period helping to build your practice. Please see here for next steps.

Choice : Evoking AwarenessChoice Magazine

Access a really good magazine on coaching. Choice magazine is a quarterly delve into topical coaching subjects. It is available digitally, in print and as both so check out more info in this great coaching magazine here.

Interesting Facts

In a business context, it’s rare that companies hire business coaches to address non-work issues (only 3% of coaches said they were hired primarily to attend to such matters), yet more than three-quarters of coaches report having gotten into personal territory at some time. (

Fast Company Magazine did a survey and found that 92% of leaders being coached said that they plan to use a coach again. (

A full 50% of the coaches in the survey indicated that businesses select them on the basis of personal references. (

We are also on twitter and instagram so let’s follow what each of us is thinking.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Until then, stay safe – and remember hands, face, space… and try and work out what 2 other groups you will see over Christmas…

Have a fantastic week.

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