Wow! I am still on a high from the Open Space meets Co-Coaching event that ran on Monday. It was wonderful to witness the richness of conversation, exploration and discovery that so many enjoyed. I was nervous about the ‘networking’ – but didn’t it work well. If you missed this event, another one will be run later in the year perhaps on a slightly different topic.

The next Co-Coaching is a walk and talk. I am hoping that as we withdraw from lockdown that we will be able to meet outdoors. If not, then I have an alternative plan… More later but do please get booked on.

Earlier in the week, I dropped something up on LinkedIn – asking people howHow are you today they are feeling at the moment. The results do tie in with what I am also hearing from clients, so perhaps there are some opportunities there.

  • The question though is how will you show up?
  • How will you help your clients to satisfy some of the feelings that they have at the moment?

There is a new page on The Coach Zone. The page lists some of the services, tools and providers that I use in my day to day activities. I mention them because I just find them to work and offer a very simple to understand interface. From web hosting through social media scheduling tools to file organization – I have these listed. I realise that I am PC centric so do let me know of anything for other platforms.

I started listing events last week. You can find these across at the website here. To be honest it is a bit scant at the moment so please do remember if you are aware of any to drop the details here and subject to a few checks, they will be put up.

Massive shout out now to our friend Rachael who is hosting the next Coaching Central event where Fiona will be running a session on Transformational Coaching- adding value by connecting with our values. More details on event and bookings here.

Stay safe, and enjoy the weekend.

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