COACHd – 15 May 2020

Into more lockdown we go, furlough extended, a senior health official at WHO declares COVID is here for some time, business interruption loan scheme issues £6bn, and significant recession is forecasted officially by the chancellor. 

It all makes challenging reading, and there are more examples of uncertainty out there that makes it even more tricky for us as small business owners, and solopreneurs to predict the future. 

Yesterday, I stumbled across a piece on LinkedIn from Simon Sinek entitled ‘Using your Why to pivot’. It so resonated. The reason I am who I am is that I strive to understand my why! I strive to understand (and check-in) with the reasons behind why I do what I do. The why for me is that I want to enable, motivate, cajole and encourage others to do what they want to do. This is the destination. 

The method of how I do this is the journey. 

I think of a railway track, sometimes I go into sidings, sometimes negotiate into the fast track, explore the countryside as I pass through it, and sometimes must turn around and re-do. Reaching the destination is a tension and a dilemma. Will I master it? Probably not, as when I reach the end of the short-haul, I notice another subtle change in direction that can make it even better. 

Clarity then is not in what I do. Clarity is in why I do it. It is in purpose and all the activity, goals and objectives are generated to drive me toward that purpose. 

In a pre-covid time, I wrote a blog which suggests a model helping us to examine our Why. If we can understand our Why, then we can work on our reaction to the even more uncertain space that we are occupying now. We can control how we show up. 

Have fun with this short soiree into my thinking and do let me know where this brief interrupt takes you. 

Have a good weekend. 

PS – if you know any coaches that may benefit from this coach only circulation, please do pass it on. It is available online here and they can register to receive their own copy. 

PPS – Time to get booked onto the OpenSpace meets Co-Coaching event on 8th June afternoon. 

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