COACHd – 17th July 2020

On Wednesday, I spoke with other coaches that are registered with The Trusted Coach Directory. We were exploring what leaders want right now and how we, as coaches, can continue to assist in their journey. A discussion that highlighted that there are similarities between us as a coach (and business owners) and the leaders we may work with. They experience the same feelings, emotions, ups and downs. If you are interested, the slide deck I used is here.

At the start of the conversation, I repeated the exercise that I completed on LinkedIn a few months ago when I asked how people feel now.

2 months ago

How are you today

This week

It is encouraging to see that there was a general feeling that we were in a better space now than perhaps we had been. Something that I think I can resonate with despite the uncertain future facing us.

Next Thursday, a small group of disruptors are organising a morning provocation inviting us to think and engage differently with our future.

If this is of interest, we are taking bookings now with all proceeds being given to a small charity, Circles Network. They build inclusive communities on the foundations of justice,
advocacy, empowerment and friendships. So something that really resonates.

Co Coaching is also back on 24th July from 09:30 to 11:30. A slightly different time. Check out here for more information about this also the dates/arrangements for both virtual and face to face co-coaching from September. The first face to face session being in September and will be outside…. don’t you just love walking coaching!!!

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Hope you have a great weekend and perhaps see you next week either at the unconference event, and/or co-coaching.