COACHd – 19 Feb 2021

Welcome to this weeks COACHd on Friday.

Isn’t it wonderful that we are now starting to see earlier sunrises and later sunsets? In our garden, there is also evidence of spring bulbs starting to blossom and of course, this week we had pancake day indicating less than 40 days now to Easter…. Bring on 2022!

I attended an online marketing session on Tuesday. Did you know that

  • the average UK Jo is on 8.5 social networks,
  • the use of WhatsApp has gone up by 40% over the past year and
  • TikTok has been downloaded 850m times in past 12 months and has generated $540m beating 2nd place Tinder ($513m)?
  • We are typically being exposed to 4000 ads per day and 66% of millennials are now using ad blockers to stop those advertisements from hitting their screens.
  • Facebook now has just shy of 45m users in the UK with the largest age group being 25 to 34 years olds at 11.2m users.
  • At the end of the third quarter in 2020, there were 2.87m apps available on Google Pay and 1.96m apps on Apple App Store.

Ok, a heads up. I use Active Campaign to send out COACHd. Just like other mailing SAAS products (Software as a Service), such as Constant Contact, Mailchimp and others, it does use tracking. What this suggests is that over 50% of this reader-base are using Apple devices. That means that over 50% of you could look at the new social wave that is being caused by Clubhouse. There is a good writeup of what this is in The Guardian so I won’t repeat this here.

What has this got to do with coaching?

Perhaps we are showing up on a certain social network to attract a certain client. Perhaps you are a prolific poster on LinkedIn because that could be where your professional market is – perhaps. But how can you build up trust enough for the potential to say “yes please” – the million-dollar question.

Do you have a social strategy?

I put a poll up on LinkedIn (please take a peek here and vote) that invites you to share the second business network that you are using – perhaps a surprise may be in store based on initial feedback.

We are creatures of comfort. We go with easy options and when we have gone down a route, a habit is formed that then could be difficult to alter.

Is how you are ‘showing up’ on social cognizant of your company brand or brand you?

When was the last time you checked in with your approach to check if it was still appropriate?

Co Coaching

There is some exciting news over on our co-coaching page. More dates and more details about what is coming up. We are also trying out a new booking system that should give you more information at the click of a button.

The next few weeks on COACHd

The subject areas for the next month are centered around good practices for

  • onboarding of new clients (including contracting)
  • goal setting (from an Agile Smart perspective…)
  • processes

If you have anything that you want to share on these subjects, please let me know – fully attributed of course.

… and remember to check out our recommended coaching magazine , and tools.

Please take care and keep socially distanced just for a little bit longer…

Stay safe!




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