COACHd – 2 October

I hope you have had a good week.

Remember last week, I asked you your thoughts about directive coaching? The results are now in and thank you to those that responded 😊

On a scale of 0 to 100 where 0 is non-directive, and 100 is directive, I asked you

  1. Where is your coaching on this scale? The average score was 28.9 / 100
  2. What is it that your clients are asking you to be on the same scale? The average score was 67.8 / 100.

I will leave you to deduce what this could mean, although there is perhaps a mismatch in what we provide compared to what our clients want. This advice gap is at odds with what many of us believe coaching is but should we adapt? Should we listen to the market requirement and adjust the style and manner we deliver or should we resist? I regularly fight with my hidden voice, especially if something is not being grasped by the coachee – but should we speak what we see?

I have also been thinking about different coaching models again. This is my own invention, something I am calling the ‘plug’ model…

Picture a 3 pin electric plug. It has 5 elements

  1. The enclosure that houses the inner workings
  2. The earth or ground connection – that ensures that what we do is safe. The analogy I make is linked to values, ethics and morals.
  3. The neutral connection – that ensures that a circuit can be completed. Again, think about the processes that simply need to happen to ensure that there is progression.
  4. The live connection – that is where the work is done. This connection is the stuff that we need to use our energy to complete. It is where the change happens.
  5. The fuse – which if too much energy is used can blow.

Without the 5 elements, the system fails. As we plug into the surrounding system, we become part of the surrounding system so understanding this engagement is really critical. Another example of how you can use metaphor in coaching to safeguard a coachees thinking and space but provide a challenge.

As we move into October, with the Autumnal fall getting more and more beautiful, take a chance to go for a walk to enjoy the peace. Enjoy the vivid colours, and enjoy the wildlife. Octobers co-coaching is going to be different as we go for a walk together but in isolation in our own space. Check out here for more details and get booked on. You will be guided by Zoom, and connected to the group as you explore areas that perhaps hold the answers to some challenging questions.

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