COACHd – 23 October 2020

Thank you to those that joined the chatting coaches conversation on Wednesday, so great to see you and experience the banter of being organised. I feel that this small group really is there for others as we start to dip into more restrictions around the Uk. At present, it seems that the consensus is to stay monthly, but do let me know if you want to take part.

I mentioned last week about The Grid.  The Grid is a model that can help us to priorities the depth that we may want to explore with specific projects when we consider fixed resources. Thank you to those that have provided some feedback on this and other provocations that I have shared recently. An extension to this could be to consider using a time tracking app – such as the fun one on offer from Timeular.

This weeks experience share is one from the world of feedback. There is a structured feedback model that has been devised by Pendleton. Feedback is essential –to recognise good performance, and to develop awareness around areas where improvement is required. Of course, the learner needs to be open to feedback first, but then we follow the following steps.

  1. The learner states what was done well.
  2. The observer(s) states what was done well.
  3. The learner states what could be improved.
  4. The observer(s) states how it could be improved.

At the end of this process, the learner constructs an action plan of achievable improvement objectives. Pendleton’s model is relatively easy to understand and integrate into our training, coaching and supervision.

What is evident is our communities interest in sharing – what a fantastic community we have. If there is a model or some research that you are interested in sharing or discussing, then let me know and subject to certain provisos’ I will be happy to share with the group.

On Friday morning at 09:30 (you do still have time to book on) – co-coaching is going virtual and going walking. Over two hours, we will walk together and share guided experiences as we use the landscape around us to answer questions about our environment.

As it stands, it looks like a new coaching development and supervision cohort will start in December. If you are interested in joining, then check out more information here and book up for a chat so we can explore your motivations to join a group to ensure alignment with others.