COACHd – 24th July 2020

As we reach that moment in the year when Schools out for Summer, I just want to take some time to say THANK YOU to you – the community of coaches that have supported each other, grown and developed through a hugely challenging, ‘unprecedented’ and uncertain time. The chatting coaches group, in particular, has been a resting space in the diary for safe exploration and chat.

It is a moment for reflection, a moment for collecting thoughts on what the next 6 months will be.

I will continue to build resilience (both personally and technically), and I will be bringing more concepts and ideas to you to consider;

I am fully aware that we may see the sequel to COVID in the later months of the year and perhaps, we need to build our capabilities to cope with this. How are you planning for this?

Yesterday, I was working with 3 other amazing people and brought to life the Shifting OId Paradigms event – a very very different concept of an event that allowed delegates to explore new thinking. Thank you to those of you that came along and offered to explore something new. If you missed it this time, we will be running again in October as the feedback has been so encouraging and it will be even more global.

I read on the BBC website a method which I wanted to share. If you are working with someone on the subject of diversity – ask them to look at the last 4 people they have phoned on their mobile. Are these people ‘different’ from themselves? Move down to the next 4 and ask the same question and continue until it feels right to stop. How does this method sit with you?

So now is the time to reflect.

  • brew up that nice cuppa,
  • grab your favourite biscuit,
  • open your scribbling pad of choice,
  • reach out to the pen that inspires and reflect.

Have a great weekend!