COACHd – 25th Sept 2020
Over the past few weeks I have been listening a lot to the podcast No Such Things As A Fish. I would describe the podcast as an eclectic collection of facts and stories that then gets a bit wild. I am sure you can see how this appeals but it does remind me of our need to expose our thinking to crazy ideas. Perhaps our success in the near future is going to be based on collaboration and enterprising thought leadership… If you have some thinking that you would like to explore further, please do reach out for a quick chat. On Friday afternoon last week, a small group of us met for co-coaching. We positioned this around the POSITIVE coaching model. I consider POSITIVE as a bit more of a progressive GROW model and therefore slightly more accessible and challenging. Purpose Observations Strategy and SMART goals Insight Team Initiative Value Encourage A good write up of this model is over at World of Work. The next Co Coaching is scheduled to happen on 23rd October at 09:30. Perhaps it could be a good time to book on, add this into your diary and come along. Based on the success of the last session, we will continue with the same format – a model being shared and then practice. I have delivered a provocation for The Trusted Coach Directory on how non-directive / directive we should be in our coaching. I asked some questions at the start of the provocation. I wonder where you fall with these. If you visit here and answer the two short questions, I will share next week. Have a great weekend and see you next week as we enter the month of October.   [thrive_leads id=’16606′]