COACHd – 29 May 2020
As we approach week 11 of lockdown, it appears that the tide is changing as certain aspects of our economy and country start to unlock. This is very welcome as I am sure that this will also start materialising in recognition of the benefits that coaching can bring to people.

It was great to see people on this weeks Click and Connect Session. If you haven’t been to one yet – a small group of us meet online every Wednesday at 12 for and hour. There is no agenda but a support group for coaches that are living and experience this COVID experience. Already, the group has built a great environment of support that is helping to see us through.

Details of the sessions can be found by getting COACHd each week.

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In the last COACHd, I suggested asking the question – If you were to make a list of 5 things that you are doing differently or discovering now – what would they be? It would be great to hear what you are thinking. Perhaps as you reflect, it might be time to rekindle your supervision as you reflect on your skills as a coach and how you ‘are going to turn up’ for your coachees.

Thanks to @Mel for highlighting a fascinating article in The Guardian about walking. Like many, I am doing my extra bit of exercise, but this article (Entitled “Walk this way! How to optimise your stride and focus your mind to get the most from your daily stroll”) helps you to walk properly. Some great tips such as lifting your head before looking over your shoulder, passive foot strike and avoiding skaters walk – jeez, I thought I was doing great.

Some events coming up for those interested : –

8th June                     Open Space meets Co-Coaching (This is the Co-coaching session for June so please do book on ASAP). More details on the website

30th June – 1st July  British Psychological Society Conference (Online)

Do let me know of any other events/dates you are aware of and I will try and get them out. I usually finalise this short prose on Wednesday so please get this to me by then if you want this highlighted that week. Please use this form to let me know. It is also the intention to add these to The Coach Zone website.

Stay safe, and enjoy the sunny weekend.