COACHd – 31st July 2020

Historically, I have always found August to be a reflective month. Clients are often away taking a well-deserved break and it is an ideal time for us to recoup. With the challenges that have hit us all earlier in the year, I have noticed that many clients are really in need of this space to re-energise. Roll on September but perhaps being kind to self in August could be a good idea too.

One of my favourite models that I find encourages good outcomes is the use of metaphor. I remember early in my coaching career pouring over “The Magic of Metaphor” by Nick Owen – and I often asked clients to tell me a story about themselves based loosely around the third person or object.

You can work this now by following these simple steps below :

  1. I ask you to think about a challenge or situation that you are pondering at the moment.
  2. Looking around at the environment that you are in now, with this challenge or situation in mind, what are you drawn to? It could be that you are outside and want to walk to something, or it could be that you are in the office and something attracts your attention.
  3. Touch this object if you can and explain or write down what that attraction is to that object to yourself. What is it that attracted you to it?
  4. Whilst thinking about that object, and focusing on an outcome, what else are you attracted to? Why is that and when you explain this to yourself, how do you find the situation getting easier?
  5. Repeat this stage, exploring some of the objects, places or people that you find useful.

Where are you now with your thinking?

In September, we are meeting again face to face (or mask to mask) for co-coaching. This will be outdoors and we will be meeting in Solihull. I will send details out nearer the time for a specific meeting place. With the environment around us, we will run the use of metaphor into a problem or a challenge that you bring along. Numbers are going to be limited (due to social distancing restrictions), so please do book now to avoid disappointment.

I have also been looking at how we can get hold of good quality information about our profession. I couldn’t find this so I have built a news service that will send curated news to your inbox 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) about the coaching profession. The content consists of a balance of tips, news and models from around the world.

The service – called MyLunchTable – is soft launching this month. If you want to be part of this – then please visit here and subscribe. If use Coupon Code –gxc5wgy2 – this will give you an ongoing 50% off. The coupon will expire next Thursday evening though so be warned. You also get the first week free just to make sure you are getting what you want.

Crafted news into your inbox for less than the price of a coffee each month – ideal.

Have a great week


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