COACHd – 4 Dec 2021

Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking about what 2021 could look like and from that deduce the objectives for my business and personal life. It hasn’t been easy with uncertainty, time constraints, and balancing with my values. Next week, I take this forward to goals – which will make the outcomes more targetted and smarter.

Choice : Evoking AwarenessI also received an email from a friend of mine, Garry Schleifer. Garry publishes a quality quarterly coaching magazine called ‘CHOICE’. The current edition explores awareness. If you follow the link above – I share a 10% off code that you can use when you subscribe.

In the last co-coaching, we explored 2 models. The first model was SPACE, and the second was WAVES. Both of these are acronyms as below.

S – Social P – Physical A – Actions C – Cognition E – Emotions

SPACE can be used to help a client understand something that is happening to them, such as managing anxiety management. More info here

W – Wait and Consider A – Assemble your resources V – Voyage with determination E – Experience the peaks and troughs S – Strengthen to surf again

WAVES can be used in change management and could be linked to other systems such as the Kotters 8 step process.

What models are you currently using?

Would you be willing to share?

If so, drop into this page and let us have the info. We will do the rest, publishing it on The Coach Zone as well as social channels – with full recognition of course

Co-Coaching Drinks in December

The next Co-Coaching is on 18th December – so just bring a mulled wine and a mince pie and say hi. The focus will be on 2021 and setting goals. We will coach each other on this so also bring your ideas. On January 5th at 09:30 – we will start 2021 off with a bang and opportunity to coach others on the subject of objectives. As usual – all details here.

Your Development

Hot on the heels of the experienced coach cohort, early-stage coaching development and supervision cohort will start in Q1 2021. This is aimed at an early stage coach (think 0-150 hours), perhaps wrestling with coaching hours, setting up a business, accreditation questions as well as having strong supervision need to ensure good coaching practice. You will work with a small group of other friendly coaches over a 12 month period helping to build your practice.

If you are interested in joining, then check out more information here.

Interesting Facts

  • Did you know that people who reported skipping their lunch break were twice as likely to report feeling stressed or burnout from work (
  • Did you know that just 6 minutes of good reading can reduce stress by 68% for busy executives? (
  • Did you know that meditation can improve the brains neuro elasticity? (

What other facts could you share about the importance of wellbeing? Jump over to this post on LinkedIn and perhaps add a comment?

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