COACHd – 5th June 2020 – #5

I am often asked by my friends and acquaintances how I am at the moment. They know that I run my own business and that as such I must be finding it tough (and it is). Things that we have long taken for granted are now not achievable, and we do not really know for how long the situations are on us. But the counter is also true. Things that used to not be achievable are now.

The people that understand me, recognise that I view these times as an opportunity or as one of my coaching clients explained to me – a free experiment.

In an article, the author talks about a note that she found that said “Life may put you down, but staying down is a choice”.

We can design, we can think, we can choose and we can build what our future will be.

Remember also that the power of mindfulness can help keep everything in check. New techniques such as Online Mindfulness-Based Therapy and some conventional apps such as Headspace and Brain.FM can really assist in accessing good mindful techniques

But not everyone is on the same path as us. Some are struggling with isolation, lockdown, illness and mortality. As a coach, we will and are coming across these situations where our boundaries may be challenged. In a webinar as part of this years WBECs, Peter Hawkins suggested that contracting needs to be frequently revisited especially at times of massive change. Are you still operating as you should as a coach or have your interventions become blurred?

I mention WBECS (World Business and Executive Coaching Summit). This is an online global coaching event that runs each year. You can register now for free for the Pre-summit – something I would highly recommend as sessions are run by some of the thought leaders in our profession. Great & free CPD…

The forthcoming Click and Connect Coaching sessions are as below. I have found these to be highly therapeutic and wonderful to connect on a different level with other coaches that are transitioning through this COVID world. They are for an hour(ish) and start at 12:00 on the following dates : 10th June 2020 , 17th June 2020 and 24th June 2020. For more information on this please contact me.

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On Monday, there is Co-Coaching. Slightly different this month in that we are offering up the opportunity to explore any subject area that you would like in small groups. The theme is Open Space meets Co-Coaching. More information for Open Space meets Co Coaching is here.

Do also let me know of any other events/dates you are aware of and I will try and get them out.

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