COACHd – 8 Jan 2021

Welcome to 2021 and what a start! Back to lockdown, and democracy under threat in one of the worlds largest economies. Great start!

In 1999, I was leading a business and we were preparing for the catastrophe that could happen as our computers clicked over to the year 2000. Fast forward 21 years and it is only the context that has changed.

So what can we learn from this? The uncertainty changes in context. We are no longer considering a meltdown as we were when the millennium bug was going to hit us, we are now fearful of another risk. The only stable thing is our approach to how we react in such a situation.

It is fine to feel a bit on edge as we enter another lockdown, and we will get through this. Every month (at present), there is a Chatting Coaches call. This is a space that allows coaches to just chat and support each other. Check out here for the next one that is scheduled for 18th January at noon. Oh, and did I mention that this is free?

CoCoaching is also back on agenda. The next 7 months are now out here. Mark the dates in your diary and I look forward to seeing you and celebrate your coaching practice. Some subjects/areas have been set but do let me know if there’s anything that you want to focus on in more detail.

Articles you might be interested in

I have also come across a really interesting article from Harvard. This article invites us to think at a more systemic level about how productivity can work (or not work) at an organisational level. This took me to two places – first, as we work with our business clients, there is a reminder that the best system is a system that will work within the organisation (and not by textbook) and second, that we are in a privileged position when working with leaders. We can hold a place for them to explore new cultures that can really drive productivity.

Do check out the two new coaching groups (details below). There will be one group that will work with newly qualified coaches (<150 hours) and one for more experienced (>500 hours).

Also a big shout out to Choice Magazine. This latest edition is about awareness.

Finally, please do take care. I am involved (through scouting), in a COVID group in Solihull. The vaccine is here and it is just logistics that need to happen. We do need to dig deep and stay safe just a little bit longer.

All my best for 2021.

Your Development

Hot on the heels of the experienced coach cohort that is starting in Feb / Mar ’21, an early-stage coaching development and supervision cohort will start soon. This is aimed at an early-stage coach (think 0-150 hours), perhaps wrestling with coaching hours, setting up a business, accreditation questions as well as having strong supervision need to ensure good coaching practice. You will work with a small group of other friendly coaches over a 12 month period helping to build your practice. If you are interested in joining, then check out more information here.

Co Coaching

New dates for 2021 are out with ‘themed’ events such as Gestalt, walking coaching and others to mention a few. As usual – all details here

Choice Magazine

Access a really good magazine on coaching. Choice magazine is a quarterly delve into topical coaching subjects. It is available digitally, in print and as both so check out more info in this great coaching magazine here.