COACHd – 8 May 2020

As we wait to hear from Boris on Sunday about the potential easing of lockdown, like many others, I am fearful, nervous but also excited and encouraged.

I hope that we can put this experience behind us and move forward with vigour (always the optimist…). It makes me reflect on two questions that I was asked by a friend yesterday that I thought to pass on.

  • What lessons have you learnt that you are going to take forward as we move ahead?
  • What have you learnt about yourself that will help your personal development further?

On Monday, a group met online at the monthly Co-Coaching. A good session by all reports and thanks for the feedback. 

At the start of the session on Monday, we explored a quick (and useful) feedback model that was then used to provide feedback to the coach. I gave the link out to this during the call, but just in case you didn’t manage to access this – the link is here. The file is a PDF document that you can either fill in on a device and send by email or print out and hand to the person. 

Next month is going to be on the theme of Open Space meets Co-Coaching. More details over on the website. 

I have also been reminded in a recent conversation more about the need for financial planning. This is especially important at the moment when things are tight. You may already have a model that you use but if you haven’t – a download is here for you to think about. I do find that templates made by someone else do not always work (and I am not an accountant …), so please do amend and make it your own.

I hope that you have a great bank holiday weekend.

Have a fun week. 

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