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Hi The coach zone,

Welcome to this weeks Get COACHd on Friday.

I get some great comments from people about the content for COACHd. The readership stats appear to be holding up, (For example a 59% open rate last week with a pretty steady click through rate of 13%), but stats don’t tell the whole story. Although I am attempting to serve some really interesting information from the sphere of personal development and coaching, I do wonder what else could be of interest and give you, the reader, stuff which is of even more value. If you have any ideas, thoughts etc. – please do let me know.

Over the past few weeks, I have also been playing with virtual reality (VR). This was an outcome of listening to a WBECs talk led by David Clutterbuck and Sam Isaacson. Bill Gates has said that by the end of 2024, more than half of remote meetings will be conducted through avatars. So taking this delivery method into our space what does this really mean.

The talk suggested that VR offers something a bit different in our sphere, and should be something that we ignore at our peril. (Think about how services such as Xero, Quickbooks etc has changed accountancy…). What was originally shared is in bold below – but I have added a few of my thoughts after, really for a bit of provocation.

  • Immersion – you feel you are really there with the client. Imagine meeting for a coaching session on the summit of Kilimanjaro at sunrise before dropping in for a catchup with a client on the slopes in Chamonix.
  • Contact – both emotional and physical intimacy. At the basic level, you can high five your client (making sure you don’t knock your coffee over).
  • Perspective – e.g. body swapping and constellations. I am experimenting with a virtual mindmapping tool called Noda.VR. This allows you to be ‘in’ the mindmap and really explore what is going on.
  • Focus – you can’t do your emails like on a Zoom call – well kinda – I watched a zoom webinar this week on VR but with the full room full of different screens. Sure, you can turn everything off, BUT you can do that with existing systems.
  • Experience – you can see through the client’s eyes. Now this is interesting and brings in the whole ethics thing. What experience should we as coaches have. In my view, we need to be staying ‘neutral’ and holding that space for naïve curiosity and expression – isn’t that coaching? But it also brings in more – where are the boundaries of this new space. If we are not careful, we will craft something that does us disservice.

Listen, I know that I am typically ahead of the curve when it comes to tech – an early adopter. I see that VR does not yet offer a complete solution for what we do, – but there is something here about embracing what this can release to us. One thing I am sure about is that this type of immersive technology does have a place – we just need to understand how – and that is the beauty of creativity. If you are interested in coming on this journey of active discovery, alongside existing practices, then do get in touch.

So to this weeks reads.

See you next week.

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