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    COACHd – your weekly coaching update | April 29, 2022
    Get COACHd on Friday

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    Friday, April 29, 2022

    Hi The coach zone,

    Welcome to this weeks Get COACHd on Friday.

    Welcome to another moment of inspiration. I love the time that stops the week and gives me permission to think and write. This week, I am thinking about inspiration. Where do we draw our inspiration from? When we are hit with tough times, what / who / how does inspiration materialise.

    For those that have followed COACHd for some time, you will be aware that I like to listen to and be inspired by music. Different genres promoting a different thinking style, and different tempos promoting different levels of thought processing. A song that inspires me in times when I have a ‘wobble’ has the following lyrics…


    I’m not afraid

    To take a stand


    Come take my hand

    We’ll walk this road together, through the storm

    Whatever weather, cold or warm

    Just letting you know that, you’re not alone

    It gives me solace that someone is and has walked the same road and has come through. In a business, there are times when we wobble. There are times that we look hard at our inner self and say, can I? Yes, I can.

    Some homework then – if you were to think about song lyrics that spoke to you – what would they be and from where? Of course, the extension to this is that this can then be a homework for a coaching client. When you have your ‘song’ perhaps you could add it to my ‘collaborative playlist on Spotify.

    You may also be aware that I have a fascination with marketing. As part of my work with Acema Marketing Limited, I have been coaching several business owners on the impact they want to have in the digital space. We have been using a simple, 18 question quiz to benchmark the impact people are having with their current marketing strategy. If you’re interested in benchmarking your own impact, take the free quiz by following this link.

    Now to todays’ collection of news and writings from all world coaching!

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    That is it for another week. I hope that you enjoy these weekly reads.

    See you next week.