COACHd – your weekly coaching update | August 5, 2022


Friday, August 5, 2022



Hi Simon,

Welcome to this weeks Get COACHd on Friday.


How often though do we take a moment to just say “well done”.

How often do you say “well done” to yourself too?


Probably not often enough! 


Business over the past few years has been tough. But it’s been worth it! Your hard work, determination and perseverance have not only made you stronger, but have also helped to build a better future.


Well done YOU!


There are many role models and heroes out there, so pay other people a small compliment whenever you can. It will not only make you feel better, but also help to spread positivity. So, whether you are at work or at home, take a moment to say thank you and well done!

And when someone acknowledges you, you do not have to say anything in return. Just smile and nod your head. It’s the little things that can make all the difference.


Keep up the great work!


A date for your diary too. The next COCOACHING will be running in person in the centre of Birmingham on Monday 26th September at 11:30. We will do some walking coaching – and I will provide a framework / brief for this. This will run until 13:30. Specific details will be sent to those that register, and due to logistics – this cocoaching will be limited to 12 people. Book on here.


So to this weeks reads. I hope you enjoy them.


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That is it for another week. I hope that you enjoy these weekly reads.


See you next week.