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    COACHd – your weekly coaching update | December 2, 2022
    Get COACHd on Friday

    Get COACHd on Friday

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    Friday, December 2, 2022

    Hi The coach zone,

    Welcome to this weeks Get COACHd on Friday.

    I read a post this morning about a chap enjoying the early morning train to London – the red eye express as I used to refer to it. This is now a rare occurrence for me, what about you? The crisp cold foggy air cutting into your bare lung first thing in the morning, the dulled silence that was halted by the acknowledgment of an occasional dog walker. This got me thinking about motivation.

    What was it that drove me to ‘enjoy’ that restless sleep before traipsing to the station? I have to admit that once, on a 530am train, I realised I was wearing odd shoes (lol).

    But the motivation needs to be there. It could be that this is now routine, but there needs to be something there to drive it. We are all driven by something – usually a desire to ‘need’ something.

    Next year is going to be tough from all predictions – but we can make it easier if we start by understanding what it is that we need to sustain ourselves. If you want to have a go at my new free motivation quiz which offers some suggestions to consider based on how you answer the quiz, then head across here.

    Running at 12:00 (UK) today, is a webinar entitled “New Years Resolutions Stink – Time for a Rethink”. You can book on all the way upto 11:45 this morning. If you aren’t booked on, then do come along and join the fun – oh, and its free! More details over at Eventbrite.

    Thank you to those that have come on board for a coaching or supervision session for Somalia – I have extended this out for one further week to 9th December now. For sessions booked through here – all proceeds will go to the Save the Children Somalia Charity Appeal.

    So to today – Enjoy the reads! 

    The Coach Zone
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    See you next week.

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