COACHd – your weekly coaching update | February 24, 2023

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Friday, February 24, 2023

Hi The coach zone,

Welcome to this weeks Get COACHd on Friday.

On Monday, I ran the monthly Co-Coaching.

This month we explored Constellation Theory and how we can use this in our coaching. A fantastic method that can help our clients really shift their understanding.

One of the standout benefits of co-coaching is receiving feedback on the coaching.

We were reminded of how powerful summarising what we have heard can be for our clients. When we use summarising as a technique, we focus on their words, tone, and body language to gain a clear understanding of their message.

It shows that we are actively listening and confirms to the client that we have understood their points. This can then help us to tailor our coaching approach.

I have also found from experience that replaying what the client has just said allows them to hear things more clearly. We are engaging a different learning style (linguistic) and inviting the client to listen to what they have just said can be liberating.

Summarising is a skill that we need to practice. We should listen out for key points, which could be associated with their goals, challenges, concerns, and insights, prior to replaying what we have heard.

A powerful skill, and sometimes underutilised in our coaching kitbag.

Enjoy the play and now to the reading!


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