COACHd – your weekly coaching update | February 25, 2022

Friday, February 25, 2022

Welcome to this weeks Get COACHd on Friday.

We often work with our clients on providing time to think. How often do you give yourself this? Time to think about what you are doing and where you are going without the clutter of what you have going on around you.

On Tuesday, as part of a regular monthly 1 to 1 with myself, I decided it would be good to do just that. I adjourned to my favourite coffee shop, with lots of paper, pens and post it notes and no tech. The latter was hard but also releasing as I was removed from the distractions and ill discipline of ‘oh, I will just google that’.

I adopted rules from open space technology. Having no agenda apart from exploring connection and future for the businesses that I am involved in, I wrote, sketched and drew out ideas for 3 hours. I didn’t worry if my mind drifted, I just captured the inspiring thoughts. Some were grounded, some were feelings with absolutely no evidence (the gut feel). Some thoughts encouraged greater confusion and others, greater understanding – and that balance was fine.

Results – greater focus on the imperatives, as well as understanding at a top level the key spaces of focus that will drive the business entities forward.

Challenge – pontificating and navel gazing is one thing, but moving this to an accountable action is another. I found myself thinking about measurement. There is a popular belief that what gets measured gets achieved so what are the useful measures that can drive my passion and my behaviour forward?

  • The passion of celebrating human kind as a good.
  • Celebrating the incredible achievements that are and will form our future but at the same time remaining humble, challenging and supportive of the people I enthuse.
  • Exploring the virtues of what could be, not just the boundaries that we create for ourselves or have created by the system that we operate in.

This realisation is deep.

I wonder what would happen if you did the same?

If you took yourself to some place you felt good, and explore what thing(s) you can consolidate or extrapolate into the future that aligns with your drive, what could you release?

 A few notices for you –

  1. Co-coaching is next on 3rd March between 19:30 and 21:00. I welcome any coach, at any stage of their development to join in and learn more about coaching by coaching, observing and feeding back. This session is highly restorative, and gives time to try out new methods and ideas that you may have as well as practice some of the fundamentals that we take for granted. Click here for more information about co-coaching.
  2. I have TWO places left on the next cohort of the Coaching Development and Supervision group. Please see here for more information for this opportunity to explore, be supported and challenged about your coaching in practice.

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That is it for another week. I hope that you enjoy these weekly reads.

See you next week.

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