COACHd – your weekly coaching update | January 13, 2023

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Friday, January 13, 2023


Hi Simon,


Welcome to this weeks Get COACHd on Friday.

Just before Christmas, on Dec 22nd, we had the winter solstice. The winter solstice is when the Sun’s path in the sky is the farthest north or south from the Equator. In easier terms, it means that the days are now getting longer – which means that we have more daylight – a good thing for exposure to sunlight, and Vitamin D levels. This also signifies a shift for those that suffer with SAD (Seasonally Aquired Depression). More daylight suggests more connection with nature for me – time perhaps to get out walking again.

Slow to Flow is a phrase that I am starting to use. By slowing down my mind, I find I engage more effectively and more substantially.

When researching around this subject, I have come across the Mandala Drawings. These are blank templates that we can choose to connect emotionally with and colour in. A form of journaling I suppose. The method suggests we explore a recent emotional experience, and capture the feelings as we immerse yourself in the colouring. A powerful model – if you want to give this a go – have a look at some templates here.

I hesitate in commenting about this – but I do so to share tension – that your concerns are perhaps not alone. With the high level of strike action, I find myself conflicted as a small business owner. I consider how we are going to be able to afford escalations in pay, without having a knock on inflationary impact which will dent our micro and SME ability to survive. It is not just about pay though, it is about environment, leadership and efficiency. I remember a conversation with a wise sage manager I had early in my career who said “it is easy to spend out of a situation – but the consequences of the spending could run deeper“. Agreeing with the good cause sentiment alone is therefore not enough, but when coupled with the energy challenges and wider world situation, a perfect storm of externally imposed self destruction appears. As an example, one brewery recently commented that if left unchecked, a pint of beer could soon be £10 a pint! Frightening.

So batten down the hatches, skill up and differentiate and become truly focussed on what you add.


Until then – Enjoy the reads! 


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We often forget about how much time we spend on non-revenue activities, and important development and supervision activities. 

January sees the free webinar dipping into “How much we should charge for our coaching?“. I will share some research, and help you to decide how much you should be charging for your services. 

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You will also have a space for your ongoing supervision in a group format. Certainly when I started out – I had more questions than answers and having a group of people that I would trust to bounce thoughts, insecurities and plans off was useful.

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