COACHd – your weekly coaching update | January 27, 2023

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Friday, January 27, 2023

Hi The coach zone,

Welcome to this weeks Get COACHd on Friday.

Are you inspired by music? I certainly am and I often listen to different songs and genres as I work. Different music depicts different feelings, outcomes and emotions.

Last year, I opened up a Spotify Collaboration. The idea being that others may want to share music that motivates them. It was an interesting experiment and gave rise to new music, music that I hadn’t heard for a long time, as well as the trolls that decided to post all their own music (this was annoying but also quite funny). Please do visit and drop a couple of your choices.

I also draw motivation from pictures. Inspiring scenaries, together with stories make me feel emotionally connected to that place. If this is like you, and you use PC, then perhaps personalise your screen background with Bing Wallpaper. Each day, I am taken to a new place and inspired.

Prior to lockdown, I obsessively did Hot Yoga! The concept was to do Yoga in a pod at 37C – whilst being wafted with a blend of lime, lavender and orange oils in a misty haze. Just as Pavlovs Dogs craved food when they heard a bell, I now crave yoga when I smell Oranges, Limes and Lavender.

Why do I mention these three triggers?

If I react to an external stimuli, then so to do our clients. Exploring our five senses (or perhaps six) in coaching sessions could be interesting. We often ask about how a client is feeling (or are ridiculed by psychologist and patient skits on TV – lol), but how often do we explore touch, hearing. sight, smell and taste in our sessions.

I will leave these thoughts with you.

Enjoy the play and now to the reading!


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The next Co Coaching on 20th February is an afternoon thinking, and practising using constellations. Numbers limited to 12 attendees.

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27th January : 13:00

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We often forget about how much time we spend on non-revenue activities, and important development and supervision activities.

January sees the free webinar dipping into “How much we should charge for our coaching?“. I will share some research, and help you to decide how much you should be charging for your services.

Next Webinar on 24th February at 13:00 which will explore “What does confidential really mean?“. Book on here.

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Coaching Development and Supervision – NEW coaches

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If you are early in your coaching journey, perhaps thinking about accreditation – this group is for you. Mixing with other new coaches, we will provide a learning environment that you can grow and have conversations about growth.

You will also have a space for your ongoing supervision in a group format. Certainly when I started out – I had more questions than answers and having a group of people that I would trust to bounce thoughts, insecurities and plans off was useful.

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