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Friday, July 29, 2022


Hi Simon,

Welcome to this weeks Get COACHd on Friday.

Like many, I was glued to the television on Tuesday. Not for the abrupt ending political debate, but for the Lionesses convincing win over Sweden. Now to Sunday at 16:00…. #itscominghome

Living on the outskirts of Birmingham means that we are getting excited about the Commonwealth Games. It is not just about the sport, it is about the atmosphere and celebrations that will hit this fine city over the next few weeks. Having walked around Birmingham earlier today, she is certainly putting on her game face and firing up for something that will be quite special.

A bit like us really. When we are about to do something that is ‘a little bit special’, we may put on our game face.

On Monday night, as part of WBECS, I was involved in a roundtable discussion about how we, as coaches, look after our coaching. This was about how we can turn up for our clients, and be absolutely on our game. The list was interesting : meditation and mindfulness; brain dumping issues; listening to music; attitude to learning; levels of challenge vs curiosity; graciousness (and gratitude) and time management to mention a few.

What do you do to ensure that you are in the right headspace to run your coaching sessions?

I also met a chap from the West Midlands Police Cyber Crime Unit this week. An interesting conversation about how SOHO and SME businesses can and should look after themselves data wise. I get that as a tech, I might have an interest in this – but I think it is wise to act on using secure passwords (and 2 factor authentication) as well as avoiding using public facing Wi-Fi without a reputable VPN. If you are interested in this subject – More can be found in ROCUs newsletter here.

A date for your diary too. The next COCOACHING will be running in person in the centre of Birmingham on Monday 26th September at 11:30. We will do some walking coaching – and I will provide a framework / brief for this. This will run until 13:30 after which anyone interested can join me for a sandwich. More later on this but due to logistics – this will be limited to 12 people. Book on here.

So to this weeks reads. I hope you enjoy them.

Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching from Wheresmylunch – simon

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International Coaching Federation

Temporary Pause on Acceptance of Credential Applications

The transition to the updated ICF Credential process will begin today, July 27. To accommodate the process, the deadline for ICF Credential applications under the current application path (Coach Knowledge Assessment Exam and Performance Evaluation criteria for ACC, PCC and MCC) is July 27 at 11:59 p.m. EDT (New York). No applications will be accepted…

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That is it for another week. I hope that you enjoy these weekly reads.


See you next week.


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