COACHd – your weekly coaching update | March 10, 2023

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Friday, March 10, 2023

Hi The coach zone,

Welcome to this weeks Get COACHd on Friday.

If you look at your work surface in front of you, what adjectives would you use to describe it?

I see tidy and structured.

I know where everything is and can get to most things fairly quickly.

However, others might look at my desk in despair that not everything is in a clearly laid out fashion with some form of logic (to them).

But if I look again, I could also use ‘messy’. But I am only seeing it as that, when I look at it. When my focus is drawn to it. When I am in flow – I do not see this messiness. I am not distracted but certainly it can get in the way of me getting into flow.

So an exercise for you.

  • What are you noticing right now about your work environment?
  • What is helping, and what is not helping?
  • What do you feel good about and perhaps not so good about?
  • What small change in your environment could you make that could help you feel more in flow?

As I write this, I am drawn to a cable from a new device (actually it’s a webcam light), that is dangling on the floor by my feet. It is uncomfortable, so I must go and move that now.

Have a good read.


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Co-Coaching – Imposter Syndrome

Get this date in your dairy now. Join us on March 20th afternoon for 3 hours to practice our coaching, receive feedback and learn new things. This will be focussed on models and techniques you can use when working with someone showing Imposter Syndrome.

FREE Webinar – The Use of Metaphor in Coaching

Join us online on 24th March at 13:00 for a FREE webinar on The use of Metaphor in Coaching.This FREE webinar invites you to think about how you can use them in your sessions.

Your Development

Over the past 4 years, we have been running a cohort approach to supervision and development. For those that have attended, they have loved it, and have grown as coaches. Meeting regularly over a year, you explore and grow your coaching. Two opportunity exist.

1. For coaches just starting out – a new cohort will be forming

2. I am looking for 2 experienced coaches to join an already formed group starting in May 2023.

Interested? Then click above and let me know – we can then chat!

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