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Friday, March 24, 2023


Hi Simon,


Welcome to this weeks Get COACHd on Friday.


We all have transitions occurring in our lives. Some are easy, some are hard, some are upsetting, some are restorative. Whatever they are, we can learn a lot about ourselves from them.

What do I mean about transition though? I reflect to the Bridges model of change which introduces a change as a sequence of endings and new beginnings (with a sticky zone in the middle). A transition is just this – it is where we have an ending of something to start something new.

For example,

Your last child leaving home – perhaps for college or simply moving out. Suddenly, the relationship with the ‘child’ that you have nurtured, cared for and protected since birth has changed. They are likely to have become or are about to become more self sufficient. They are exploring the world on their own and now have fledged the nest. With this comes emotions, and it is hard. Especially when later you see and experience challenges with them. But this letting go is essential – this is the ending of a certain chapter and we are about to start a new chapter. A new chapter where the script is not yet written – how exciting (or scary).

Bridges talks about endings by way of celebration. We get to where we are by taking some form of deliberate action or dealing with something that is outside of our control. Celebrate this ending and cast your thoughts forward to the new script that you are about to write- the script based on the new beginning.

What ending and new beginning could be happening for you right now?

Have a good read.


Simon Hague

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