COACHd – your weekly coaching update | May 5, 2023

Get COACHd on Friday

Get COACHd on Friday

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Friday, May 5, 2023

Hi The coach zone,

Welcome to this weeks Get COACHd on Friday.

I don’t know about you but 2 bank holidays in May is normally enough but three just makes it a strange month. We have 3 slightly longer weekends – which hopefully may see the sun showing its face. We may even have an opportunity for a party this weekend.

I have been thinking about goals and continuing in my slightly abstract way, want to share 3 specific methods that I have found useful in the past. Take them, or ditch them – consider them as a freebie.

  1. The Reverse-Engineering Model: This unconventional approach involves working backward from the desired outcome to develop a comprehensive strategy for achieving a goal. By visualizing the end result, you can identify the critical steps and milestones required to get there.
  2. The Creative Constraints Model: This model involves intentionally imposing limitations or constraints on a project to spark creativity and innovation. By challenging the conventional methods and resources, you can push yourself and your team to find novel solutions and approaches.
  3. The Gamification Model: This model involves incorporating elements of game design (e.g., competition, rewards, points, levels) into non-gaming contexts to increase engagement, motivation, and performance. Slightly left field I know but as an example. Consider you are working with someone in the marketing sphere. Invite them to transform their marketing goals into a game or competition, where team members can earn points, badges, or other rewards for achieving milestones or tasks related to the goal. Sit back and watch the fund start.

Now to this weeks reads .


Carefully Curated Content from Simon
How I Claimed My Right to Belong While Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
TRIGGER WARNING: This post briefly references sexual abuse.“Never hold yourself back from trying something new just because you’re afraid you won’t be good enough. You’ll never get the opportunity to do your best work if you’re not willing to …
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How To Create An Innovation Ecosystem That Drives Business Growth
An innovation ecosystem is a collaborative approach where a network of individuals, organizations and institutions work together to generate new ideas, technologies and business models. This approach fosters creativity and allows companies to explore new opportunities while minimizing risks.
Carefully Curated Content from Simon
Help ICF Develop Coaching Supervision Best Practices
ICF is studying the tasks, knowledge domains, skills, abilities, and other characteristics critical for effective coaching supervision. If you have served as a coaching supervisor within the past two years, we would appreciate your insights on what is required for effective coaching supervision. You are invited to complete the following global survey…
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How To Overcome Common Reasons For Struggling To Speak Up In Meetings
There are many reasons why people don’t contribute to meetings, and there are several strategies to overcome them.


Co-Coaching – WALKING COACHING – 22nd MAY PM

Ok – we have all heard about walking coaching, but now is the time to practice this. We will meet in Birmingham and have a walk – grab some coffee and practice some great coaching whilst taking in the Birmingham air.

Developing your Reflective Practice (Face to Face – In Real Life!) with Coaching Central

I am so proud to have been asked back to run a session for June and Rachael at Coaching Central. This session is about reflective practice.



Your Development

Over the past 4 years, we have been running a cohort approach to supervision and development. For those that have attended, they have loved it, and have grown as coaches. Meeting regularly over a year, you explore and grow your coaching. Two opportunity exist.

1. For coaches just starting out – a new cohort will be forming

2. I am looking for 2 experienced coaches to join an already formed group starting in May 2023.


Interested? Then click above and let me know – we can then chat!



Carefully Curated Content from Simon
Four Ways to Savor the Dance of Cooking
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How Considering Alternatives Changes Ways Of Thinking About Creativity
“I don’t have a bicycle, but I have very good cocaine.”
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Are Your Employees Avoiding Difficult Conversations? Here’s How To Turn Them Into Productive Discussions
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Don’t Wait: Take These Steps To Avoid Burnout Now
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Coaching: A Powerful Tool for Improving Employee Performance in the Organization
A Research Paper By Mofoluwaso Afolakemi Ilevbare, Executive & Life Coach, AUSTRALIA Coaching: A Powerful Tool for Improving Employee Organizations today are under immense pressure to tap into their human resources, propelled by the rapid pace of technological advancement, stiff competition, and cost reduction. Employee performance on the job is…
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What Horseback Riding And 24 Executives Taught Me About Gentleness In Leadership
Gentleness is about using the least amount of force necessary to drive action and maintain trust in the relationship.
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Tackling The Colossal Challenge Of Employee Engagement During Layoffs
While companies might have their reasons to lay off employees, their layoff approach matters due to its influence on the company’s productivity and stability.
International Coaching Federation
Overcoming Impostor Syndrome as a Leader: How Coaching Can Help You Regain Confidence
As a leader, it’s not uncommon to experience feelings of doubt and inadequacy, commonly referred to as impostor syndrome. It’s the belief that you are not worthy of your position or accomplishments, and that you’re just “faking it” until you make it. These feelings can be detrimental to your leadership abilities, and it’s important to …read more.
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