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Friday, November 4, 2022

Welcome to this weeks Get COACHd on Friday.

What a week of learning. It started with the first ‘real’ session on the Aston Green Advantage course. We explored the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a start to dig into our business. Look at the titles of each of the 17 goal areas and see what you are attracted to. There are things that we can make an immediate difference to – whilst running our businesses and enterprises.

On Wednesday, I visited Liverpool and watched the Mens team perform at the World Gymnastics Championship (in the same arena that will house Eurovision in May next year!). After 6 rounds or rotations out of 8, team GB were running last and to be honest, I was a bit despondent. What happened next was pretty special – in two rounds, the team dug deep and lifted their performance to 3rd – the Bronze Medal position and gained auto qualification to Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Why do I mention this? It is a reminder of being faced with a huge task and ask, knowing your role and just getting on with it!

On Wednesday, I was also humbled in being interviewed for podcast #307 in Amy Rowlinsons’ fantastic “Focus on Why” series – I do hope you enjoy this and the other tremendous people that she has interviewed.

We are in November and 2023 will soon be upon us. A placeholder for your diary for a FREE webinar on November 25th at 12:00. More next week on this but do mark this in your diary. This starts an initiative of monthly FREE webinars (except December… lol), on the last Friday of the month at noon.

Launching in Jan 2023, will also be a new coaching development and supervision cohort. More information here – but when this is full, it will be full. If interested then please do get in contact via this web page and book a chat with me to explore suitability.

So to today – this is a bumper issue, full of content and inspiration.

Enjoy the reads!

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See you next week.

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