Coaching Central June 2020

18th June 2020

Transformational Coaching: adding value by connecting with your values

In June’s Coaching Central you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your core values and deepen your connection with your authentic, true self:

Led by Fiona Anderson from valuingYOU, we’ll be exploring the role of values in our life and at work:

– Exploring the role of values in our life and work
– Reflecting on the impact that lockdown/Covid-19 may have had on your personal values
– Hearing how Fiona has incorporated values into her own coaching and the results she’s had
– Identifying coaching questions/techniques that you can use
– Reflecting, committing to action and your next steps

Everyone purchasing a ticket for this session will receive a free email copy of Fiona’s PDF guide to identifying your values “My Personal Values – Understanding Myself.’

To get the most out of this Values session, please reserve some time a few days prior to the session to identify your own values.

Why not come and join us? Tickets are just £5 whilst meetings are online during lockdown.
Ticket sales end at 2pm on Thursday June 18th.

This meeting will be held on Zoom, and the login details will be emailed through 24 hours before.

Visit here for more information.


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