Coaching Supervision – your natural partner in your coaching development


Our focus is on delivering great coaching supervision to supplement in your development as a coach. We will help you to understand not just about the practicalities of the session, but also suggest boundaries, how supervision could work for you and understand from you about the reasons why you want to explore supervision.

To help this work, we have brought together several options based on hours of coaching supervision purchased. Please select this from the drop down box and pass through checkout.

For clarity, the price listed below includes VAT charged at the prevailing rate in the UK.

  • You are purchasing coaching supervision sessions delivered in English to you over Zoom.
  • Please ensure that your email address is correct when you check out as we will use this to make initial contact with you to firstly arrange the session and secondly ensure that you are ok with the technology that would be used.



Coaching Supervision is a must-have for the professional coach of today. The Coach Zone is proud to be able to include this as an offer to our coaching colleagues.

Coaching has become even more diverse. The demands placed on a coach are even more challenging. Coaching Supervision provides a safe place of trust that encourages both restorative and reflective. It allows a coach to present challenges that they are finding difficult to process by themselves that may be impacting the way that they are dealing with their clients. This interference needs to be dealt with to return the coach to their glorious self.

Coaching supervision allows time for a coach to explore their own coaching perspectives.

Three beliefs on what coaching supervision should be about

  1. Coaching you, the coach, on your practice.
  2. Providing mentoring to help in your development.
  3. A sense check, or external perspective to help maintain the great work that coaches can provide.

The particular service on offer here is delivered on a one to one basis either using a virtual service such as Zoom or meeting face to face (pricing dependant on distance)

We do also offer group supervision for those that are comfortable learning with others, and this can sometimes become more cost-efficient.

At the start of your supervision engagement, we will handle the onboarding process. This is important as it helps agree on expectations such as ethical requirements, note-taking, timing responsibilities and other tests to get you up and running.

If you are interested in a face to face coaching supervision, then please contact us to explore how we can make that work.


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