Who we support

Our passion is to support those around us.

To enable people that need our help to achieve new levels of achievement.

We have the belief that we all have an inner strength and sometimes this inner strength just needs a helping hand.

Sometimes this helping hand is from what we can offer in terms of services, and other times in terms of donation.

We are proud to support the following charity initiatives that are focused on assisting some people that just need that sort of assistance.

VisionSpring – providing eyeglasses to third world countries. Eyeglasses are a powerful social and economic development tool. VisionsSpring provides affordable eyeglasses, vision screening and training so that non-profits, social entrepreneurs, government agencies, and corporate clients can bring the wonder of clear vision to their communities.

Unicef – where our donations help to get support to children in need. With 70% of the donation getting to where it needs to and 29% used to generate additional income, this feels right. We have so far supported the provision of vital protection like vaccinations, clean water and education so that more children can grow up safe and healthy.

Trusted Executive Foundation – whose aim is to support Christian charities in the UK through investment and leadership development.