10th International Congress of Coaching Psychology

7th October 2020

The main conference theme this year will be “2020 Vision: Navigating adversity with coaching psychology and positive psychology”.
This Three-Day virtual Conference offers Masterclasses, Keynote and Invited Speakers, Skills-based Sessions and Poster Presentations. The event will focus upon the practice and research of Positive and Coaching Psychology exploring themes such as: Acceptance and Commitment, Performance and Resilience, The Coaching Alliance, Navigating Covid-19, Creativity, Health and wellbeing, Managing transitions and Ecopsychology.

Please see our conference flyer here.

The masterclass programme will run over the first two days and facilitators will include international experts in the field including Dr Suzy Green (Aus), Dr Rachael Skews (UK) and Dr Gisele Dias (UK). Further details will be shared very soon.

Our line up of coaching and positive psychologists from around the world also currently includes the following Day Three conference speakers:

Prof Tatiana Bachkirova (UK)
Dr Suzy Green (Aus)
Dr Gisele Dias (UK)
Dr Zelda Di Blasi (IRL)
Per-Olof Eriksson (S)
Marcela Almeida Alves (PT)
Prof Arnon Levy (Israel)
Dr Alanna O’Broin (UK)
Prof Stephen Palmer (UK)
Dr Ole Michael Spaten (DK)
Dr Martin James Turner (UK)
Dr Vicki Vandaveer (USA)
Dr Diana Aguiar Vieira (PT)
Zelda di Blasi (IRL)
Alison Whybrow (UK)
Hugh O’Donovan (IRL)
Megan Arroll (UK)
Kristina Gyllensten (S)
Christin Tan (SGP)
This exciting event will bring together professionals from a wide range of settings, interested in the application of positive and coaching psychology. The conference will be a superb opportunity to extend your professional horizon. Registration will open soon offering discounted rates for ISCP members. Please see our website for details about the Society: www.isfcp.info

Visit here for more information.


Information submitted by Simon Hague, on 3rd June 2020 at 2:06 pm