Learn and Do

Learn and Do

Let’s be real.

As coaches we like to learn, we are bought into the lifelong learning concept.

We like to stretch, to explore and keep ourselves in tip top condition for our coaching clients.

But we also know that whilst learning is ok –to get it really bedded in, we need to get ‘experiential’ – we need to do something with that knowledge.

This is where Learn and Do kicks in.

Who is Learn and Do for?

Learn and Do is for any coach, or mentor that has taken the decision that they want to get better at what they do and are willing to work with others in a supportive and collaborative environment.

What is Learn and Do?

We have a 3-hour session together in a small group. This will either be face-to-face or online (using Zoom). We come together on the premise of wanting to be naturally naïve and inquisitive and explore models and thoughts that we can take into our clients.

The session is generally structured into 3 segments.

  1. The Learn – where we explore a chosen subject. This is normally around a coaching model or practice – although sometimes, it might be a coming together of thoughts that we coaches come across.
  2. The Do – where we use the content and work with others in small groups on a coaching model. Not only will you get an opportunity to work on the learning construct, but also to receive feedback and work on a subject with a friendly coach.
  3. The Reflection – an important element of the learning process is reflection. We should give ourselves time to explore our new skill or behaviour (if you are a coach, or are being coached!). We would advise completing this activity over the few days after the session.

What else do I need to know?

This session is delivered in a cost-effective and safe way, leveraging different styles of coaching including outdoors, group/team, one on one coaching and discussion. To make this work I follow a few guidelines based on 10 years experience of running a similar learning engagement.

  • For the sake of intimacy, we generally keep the numbers to 12 in the larger group so booking in advance is advisable.
  • These sessions will not be recorded due to the intimacy of the conversations.
  • We will be delivering all our co-coaching with respect to our best practice ethics and methods.

How do I book into Learn and Do?

Simple – either click on the event on this page that you are interested in. 

  • When you book through this site, we will deliver by email a VAT receipt for your accounts. 
  • We will issue all attendees a CPD certificate of attendance issued by Wheresmylunch.
  • Please note –  no refunds.

What isn’t Learn and Do?

It isn’t a substitute for great coaching supervision (but we can help you with that too).

Today I attended a face to face. It was so good to see other coaches and to practice co-coaching in person.

We were able to try out some practical activities including physical metaphors and Story Cubes. These would have been tricky to do online and brought some real insights during the session.

Some of my coaching clients are returning to face to face sessions, so this opportunity to practice in person has been invaluable, especially given the relationship dynamics are quite different.

I was impressed in the way that Simon managed the venue and the room from a Covid perspective including plenty of social distancing and ventilation. I’ll definitely be back next time!


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