Coaching Supervision

Coaching Supervision is a must-have for the professional coach of today. We believe strongly in coaching as a discipline in its own right and work with coaches that want to develop their coaching practise through guided reflection, encouragement and peer support. We believe that Coaching Supervision is a fundamental part of this journey to become better at coaching. Mastery is something that we strive for, and get closer to that goal through continual learning and development. The Coach Zone is proud to be able to include Coaching Supervision as an offer to our professional coaching colleagues.

Coaching has become even more diverse. The demands placed on a coach are even more challenging. Coaching Supervision provides a safe place of trust that encourages both a restorative place and also a place for reflection. It allows a coach to present challenges that they are finding difficult to process by themselves that may be impacting the way that they are dealing with their clients. This interference needs to be dealt with to return the coach to their glorious self. This is assisted through engaging a trained coaching supervisor.

What is Coaching Supervision?

According to the ICF –

Coaching Supervision is a collaborative learning practice to continually build the capacity of the coach through reflective dialogue for the benefit of both coaches and clients

Coaching supervision allows time for a coach to explore their own coaching perspectives. There is an understanding that Coaching Supervision includes three specific areas of reflection and growth opportunity.

  1. Coaching you, the coach, on your practice.
  2. Providing mentoring to help in your development.
  3. A sense check, or external perspective to help maintain the great work that coaches can provide.

How do we deliver your Coaching Supervision?

We find that the intimacy of one to one supervision is highly effective for some coaches. We can meet either online (Zoom or Teams) or face to face (pricing dependant on distance). This allows for the deep processing and reflection on prevailing agendas created by you, the supervisee.

We offer group supervision for those that are comfortable learning with others, and this can sometimes become more cost-efficient.

The Process for Coaching Supervision

I often get asked this.

In the first instance, we should have a chat to help us to understand your objectives. We find that Coaching Supervision frequency varies upon experience.

If you reflect on learning a new skill (coaching), we often find ourselves quite clunky at the start, needing greater reassurance and confidence to ‘turn up’. As we develop this skill – we become more confident and assured. Our needs change, and the level of conversation changes. We find that perhaps ‘restorative’ conversations in coaching supervision are required – to ensure that unhelpful habits are addressed.

An example of this is the need for being aware of our coaching contract with the client. External factors can change the purpose of our coaching engagement and I frequently find that supervisees need to revisit some of their coaching contracting to ensure effective coaching.

At the start of your supervision engagement, we will handle the onboarding process. This is important as it helps agree on expectations such as ethical requirements, note-taking, timing responsibilities and other tests to get you up and running. This will ensure that we both understand the commitment that we are forming between us and how the relationship will work.

Are we qualified, insured and receiving Supervision yourself?

  • Of course. Simon completed the Barefoot Coaching Supervision course in 2014 and has been working as a coaching supervisor with clients since then.
  • Insurance details can be made available on request (Supplied through Oxygen Insurance – if you are a coach, you should really look at them…)
  • Simon is under regular Supervision. He practices what he preaches.

What are the next steps to working with you as a Coaching Supervisor?

If you are interested in a face to face coaching supervision, simply book a session, or contact us to explore how we can make that work. Alternatively, do have a look at my diary and get a slot to chat through your requirements.