9 Things That You Must Say No To

Everyone should learn to say no. You may find that statement hard to swallow if you are a People Pleaser. If you struggle with saying ‘yes’ too much in your daily life, you will be less happy and more frustrated. Learn to regain your happiness by saying “No” more often.

Expectations of Perfection

Whether it is your own or someone else’s expectation – perfection is a myth. Seeking to perform flawlessly does two things, it gives you an excuse to procrastinate and makes you miserable. Why constantly strive to attain perfection when it is impossible? Learn that great is good enough.

Requests That Aren’t Your Responsibility

While it is nice to help people out once in a while, don’t be afraid to say “no” to requests that aren’t your responsibilities. This is especially important when you are crushed for time, or your own work is starting to suffer.

Requests That Go Against Your Core Values

Everyone has their own personal code, and you must honour it. If someone is asking you to do something that goes against your core values, they either don’t know you or respect you enough to request something.

Something You Can’t Follow Through On

If someone asks you to do something you know you can’t accomplish, then why say “yes”? You are only setting both of you up for failure. Be honest if you know you won’t be able to finish a task, and let the person know you can’t take it on.

Things That Hold You Back From Your Goals

All of us have (or should have) goals in life. You need time, resources, and energy to reach these goals. If you give up too much of that for other people, your goals may suffer.

When You Are Feeling Overloaded

If you are super busy with your own life, adding anyone else’s tasks to your list is borderline cruel. Burnout is a real thing, and if you are barely keeping your head above water with your own life, you simply can’t take on the burdens of others.

You Feel Guilty

Saying “yes” should never happen just because you feel too guilty to say “no.”  If it is a reasonable request that won’t impact you, it is fine to say yes. However, if the only reason you are saying “yes” is because you feel too uncomfortable saying “no,” then that is an issue.

Demands of Toxic People

You likely deal with toxic people in your life. These are the type of people who manipulate you to meet their own needs. You should never cave to their demands, and you should limit your time spent with them, period.

When Your Gut Tells You “No”

Sometimes we need to trust our subconscious. Intuition is a real phenomenon, and if your gut instinct is telling you to say “no” to someone’s request, you should listen.

Suggested Actions

✅ Look closely at the tips and choose one to start. Learn to say no in that area, and be on the lookout for ways you slip back into old habits.

✅ Reflect on a time you said "yes" and regretted it. Why did you say "yes"? How did it negatively affect your life?

✅ Think about if anyone in your life is currently taking advantage of you or your time? How can you address this issue?

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