The 5% coaching model – achieve the impossible

We all have stuff that appears impossible – right? Stuff which is just that bit too far to achieve, or a bit too ambitious that we can’t possibly achieve it. In corporate, we had this saying that this was a stretch goal. In reality, stretch goals were not really the target – but were set so as to help you achieve something that is great than what you would have achieved without it. The leadership team wasnt asking your to achieve the impossible – but simply to approach something different to gain a stepwise change. It was a mindset hack!

But, just imagine if just 5% of what you don’t believe could be achieved could be achieved. What opportunity would that create?

This is what 5%ers believe. They push the boundaries of impossibility through mindset, challenge and perseverance. They challenge about achieving the impossible.

We have all had situations which appear impossible through our lens – but others have achieved it. It’s about taking calculated risks and reaching through your own awareness. You know that in order to accomplish something great, you need to be aware of even the smallest things that can help or hurt you along the way.

I have created the 5% Coaching Model by applying the 5% principle to an existing situation so that your goals can be reached faster than ever before. If we believe that just 5% of what you don’t believe might actually be true, the unachievable becomes achievable.

Imagine you are working toward a goal that you believe is unachievable. However, achieving this goal will be lifechanging in ways that you can only ever dream about. BUT – Your self fulfilling belief that the goal is unachievable will become prophecy.

A popular goal setting model is SMART. The A stands for attainable or achievable – and if you don’t believe you can achieve we cue failure.

Imagine though, that just a tiny 5% of what your unachievable goal is going to be is achievable. What liberation? This 5% could change everything – it’s the difference between failure and success, investment and loss, confidence and fear.

  • What if we looked at our beliefs with new eyes, as if they could be altered?
  • What if we thought of them as being like software? What if we could change the code, tweak it and update it to suit our needs? What if we could rewrite our code and make it more powerful?
  • What if we didn’t have to settle for the limiting ones that were handed down from our past life experiences or family?
  • What if we were able to create our own beliefs, rather than having them imposed upon us?

The 5% will grow. The 5% will become more and more powerful. The 5% will attract and soon become 7.5% then 10%. The unachievable now is becoming totally achievable. You can achieve the impossible!

As a coach, in order to achieve the impossible, we simply ask

“what if just 5% of what you think is impossible, was possible?”

Then, encourage, help awareness, encourage more, sit back and watch your clients achieve the impossible!