Ticks and Triumphs: The Poetic Power of Goal Setting

In the arena of dreams and ticking clocks,

A coach stands tall, defying the orthodox,

Witnessing the thrill of the ticking box,

The simple pleasure that paradoxically unlocks.

In lists unseen, goals silently spoken,

Added anew, their power awoken,

An act so mundane, yet symbolically potent,

For the joy it brings is indeed quite fervent.

A tick, a cross, a triumph procured,

A happiness hit, neurologically assured,

A seemingly trivial act, yet intriguingly so,

Unveiling a satisfaction many know.

As the months unfurl and the year takes flight,

A newer understanding comes to light,

The voice within grows strong and clear,

Calling out what we hold dear.

As coaches, we light the path,

Through moments bright, and aftermath,

Yet, when did we last turn the gaze,

Upon our souls, in introspective ways?

Four weeks we’ve journeyed, diving deep,

Harvesting insights, we’re destined to keep,

In precious minutes, truths uncovered,

Habits forged, potential rediscovered.

What lies ahead for you, dear friend?

Where does this journey of self-discovery end?

In the kindness of self, may you find the clue,

In listening to your soul, may you find the true you.

The rhythms within, the energies innate,

Guiding us towards a definitive fate,

The power of goal setting, a force unleashed,

A path to development, uniquely bequeathed.

Now as the holiday approaches, a break from the race,

May we find energy, in this tranquil space,

For personal growth, the next leap to take,

A journey of self, for our own sake.