The Power of Goal Setting: Unlock Your Potential with the Simple Act of Writing Down Your Objectives

As an experienced coach, I have facilitated countless sessions revolving around the exciting theme of goal setting. An observation that never ceases to intrigue me is how people derive immense satisfaction from merely ticking off achievements from their to-do lists. A seemingly trivial act, but one that serves as a potent motivator for many!

I have even caught people adding stuff to lists that they have already done just to allow for that gorgeous moment of either crossing off or ticking that task off.

While not all of us might share the same level of enthusiasm for these ‘tick-off triumphs,’ most of us can appreciate the power of committing our goals to paper. Writing down our objectives creates a tangible sense of commitment and increases the likelihood of their realisation.

The benefits of this simple act extend beyond the realm of productivity as the neuroscience of goal setting now tells us that we get a happiness hit from the simple act of crossing off or ticking.

One other thing that I have observed over the past 12 months is that we are becoming better at understanding what is important to us, and we should listen to this inner voice.

As coaches, we spend time working and providing a platform for ‘lightbulb’ moments for our clients – when was the last time that you gave yourself a good listening to and had one yourself?

Everything that we have been doing over the past 4 weeks has invited you to get this in focus.

From gaining 15 minutes of insight, through understanding your time, to establishing and developing amazing habits.

  • What now for you?
  • Where does this springboard you to?

There is something about being increasingly kind to self.

Being kind in terms of listening to body, to soul and to focus on the internal energies that we have. Perhaps it is time to unleash the power of goal setting on your own definitive direction?

Perhaps, just perhaps with a bank holiday now upon us, we can use this to energise and consider what next for us in our development?


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