Unlocking Hidden Insights Through Engaging the Senses with Raisins

At our last coaching session, we tried something a bit different. Focusing on our senses, we employed an exercise that involved raisins – although fruit pastilles are an alternative. Before you try this exercise, please check for any allergies.

Instructions for the Exercise

To get the most out of this exercise, here are the following instructions:

  • First, ask your delegates to open the palm of their clean hands.
  • Place a raisin in the middle of their palm and invite them to observe it without touching it with their other hand. Encourage them to take note of any patterns and textures.
  • Now, ask them to feel the texture of the raisin with the other hand. Let them explore the vagaries of the ridges, as well as how squishy it is.
  • Invite them to then hold the raisin to their nose and identify any smells. Gently massage the raisin between their thumb and finger and note any changes in smell.
  • Next, they should take the raisin and place it in their mouths. Move it around with their tongues and feel the ridges and shape of the raisin.
  • Finally, ask your participants to take a gentle bite. What do they taste? What does it remind them of? How would they describe the taste to another person?
  • Invite them to either spit out or swallow.

The Results

This simple exercise engages all the senses, and invites participants to focus on something a bit unusual. It engages the reflective part of their brain, leading to a heightened awareness and a more focused outcome.

The Benefits of Engaging All the Senses

Engaging more than one of the senses has enormous potential to draw out hidden insights. Tactile activities, for instance, can help participants to remember things in more detail. By stimulating more than one sense at a time, our brains can process large amounts of information more effectively. And if we can find a way to make this enjoyable, the impact on learning and creativity is even greater.

Other Ideas

This exercise is just one of the many ways coaches can help their clients to engage the senses. Here are a few more ideas:

  • Create a sensory box – fill it with all sorts of interesting objects to encourage exploration and recall.
  • Use visual arts – encourage clients to explore different art forms such as collage in order to express their emotions.
  • Exploring music – try and identify how different songs make us feel and how they link to the emotions and memories.
  • Smell and taste – ask clients to describe different scents and tastes and how these feelings help them to identify certain memories.

Taking It Further

Engaging the senses is a great way to help unlock hidden insights and memories. It can also help to create a more relaxed atmosphere, encouraging creativity and aiding learning. So why not give it a try today!