Webinar : The Use of Metaphor in Coaching

So what is a metaphor?

A metaphor is a figure of speech that describes an object, idea, or situation by comparing it to something else with which it shares common characteristics, often to clarify a concept or make a point more vivid and memorable. In essence, a metaphor asserts that one thing is another in order to convey a deeper meaning or understanding.

This is what we spent an hour exploring and playing with. One of the exercises we worked on as a group was to play with the words coaching or coach. Something that could be used to describe to others what we do.

So great ideas, so here are a few

  • Holding up the mirror / turning the lights on
  • A vessel of possibility
  • Being a container
  • making something stick – sellotape
  • A safe space to evolve
  • hall of mirrors
  • digging down the back of the settee
  • gardening
  • A sherpa, guiding up the mountain.
  • I use a treasure map metaphor a lot – navigating the territory, working out the route
  • lego new perspectives
  • Sharpening your focus like sharpening a pencil

A great session – perhaps come along to the next one.

Resources from the webinar are as below.