Exercise : When do you stop?

This exercise will help you determine when you stop or get “stuck” on a project most often.

Think about three times you have set a goal and eventually quit working on it.

  1. Write the names of the goals in the space provided.
  2. Now, think about how far you got on each goal and when you quit.
  3. Write down a short summary of the work you did. List any milestones you reached.
  4. Now write down when you quit.
  5. Next, write down the way you felt at the time as best you can remember.
  6. Finally, circle the portion of the project you were at on the list at the bottom of the page.

Once you’ve finished with all projects, look at the circled lists and the feelings you had at the time. The former should tell you when you tend to stop, and the latter should help you discover why.

Exercise : When you stop

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