What are your new discoveries?

In a recent blog (Legacy), I invited people to think about what their new legacy through the lens of anything is possible.

A starting point to this can be to start to think about small changes that you have discovered in this period of disruption.

As an example

I have been introduced to Aeropress. A really clever way of making amazing coffee. I purchased the Aeropress from a small coffee roastery and also purchased some Decaf coffee as this was ‘on special offer’. A few days later, the package arrived in the post. What has happened is that I have started to appreciate the different coffees that can be made using the same coffee, as well as the different flavours you can get by controlled brewing. This will impact the way that I view coffee shops in the future – I guess, I will become a bit of a coffee snob and probably ditch the mainstream ‘sameys’ that churn out boring tasting cups.

This is a small example but one that will impact what I do in the future.

If you were to make a list of 5 things that you are doing differently or discovering now – what would they be?


COLLATION - 5 things that you have changed