A new canvas for a new start

A break often allows us to re-evaluate what and how we are doing something in work. We have the opportunity to get off the life train and have a good look around. I find this to be an inspirational time as it allows me not to dwell on what has happened but refocus on what is possible.

Refocus on the dream that you have – whatever that dream might be for you.

This dream may be achievable by you alone, or you may need to work with a few others although the first step is to unlock
the dream.

It is time to write that script to unlock what you are wanting to achieve – to unlock steps to achieving that dream.

  1. Start with a blank piece of A4 paper (or  larger if you want), put on your favourite music, turn down the lights and dream of what you want for you and for your professional career. 
  2. As thoughts, emotions and words come into your mind, capture them unfiltered on the paper. It could be that words work best, others find that drawings do, so do what works for you. This could take an hour to complete (or longer).
  3. As you reach completion, highlight the thoughts, emotions or words that resonate with you. Now is not the time to question why but see if you can prioritise what you are doing.